For Android Users

Thanks so much for your interest in the Piano Adventures Player app! Like you, we enjoy and rely on our Android devices. But we made the decision to first develop our app for iPhones and iPads for several reasons:

  1. Apple iOS has emerged as the platform of choice for music education. You will find that the best and most sophisticated apps available today are in the Apple App Store.
  2. Apple’s developer tools provide robust audio and MIDI libraries that make great apps like Piano Adventures Player not just possible, but rock-solid.
  3. The overwhelming number of different Android devices, each with varying screen sizes, aspect ratios, and hardware capabilities, make it harder for Android apps to achieve the same degree of polish and optimization.

Even if you have an Android phone or tablet, you might consider purchasing an iPad or iPod touch as a dedicated studio tool. Whether new, used, or refurbished, these devices are far more affordable and offer so much more functionality than older generations of hardware playback systems.

With your Android device, you can still have fun with our background accompaniments available today on CD. You can import the CDs into your computer and sync with your Android’s music library. You might enjoy an app for Android called Amazing Slow Downer that can adjust the tempo of regular audio tracks.

Our audio CDs also include standard MIDI files that are compatible with Android apps such as Timidity and MIDI Melody. Again, you would use your computer to make the copy to your device.

Transfer Purchases from One Device to Another

As long as you sign in to the App Store with the same Apple ID on both devices, you can purchase the songs on one device and then “restore” to another iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch for free.

  • On the first device, launch the app, choose your level, pick any book under Get More Music, then Buy.
  • On the second device, launch the app, choose your level, pick any book under Get More Music, and then Restore Purchases. You do not need to buy the music again on your second device.


Send email to player@pianoadventures.com