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Two Thumbs Up!

Time to head off to the North Pole to check on the toy‐packing and gift‐wrapping. Some young people write letters with lists, and some might even try sending emails. But we’re going to hitch a ride for a little in‐person inspection. And for that we need our thumbs! The thumb is such a useful, important […]

Piano Adventures® Level 2B Technique & Performance Book

Listen to this!

In many places Autumn is the most beautiful season, with colourful leaves creating a kaleidoscope of whirling reds, yellows, rusts, and orange‐browns, each with its own changing nuance as the days and weather shift. Nuance itself is a delicate word, implying subtlety and fine distinctions. And attention to playing with nuance can begin early. Yes, […]


With Abandon!

The Music ’Tis madness. Truly. To the Portuguese, who originated this musical form in the late 15th century, La Folia (Foh‐LEE‐ah) was music for singing and dancing, and the singing and dancing were often so riotous that the participants appeared “empty‐headed.” The Folia was a 16‐bar melodic and harmonic pattern, sometimes with a short coda, […]