Happy New Year, Mr. Hanon

Happy New Year, Mr. Hanon!

And to all teachers, students, adult learners, colleagues, and those who enjoy playful patterns, ceremonial chords, and an adventurous Auld Lang Syne—fueled by Mr. Hanon’s first pattern in “The Virtuoso Pianist.”

Charles Louis Hanon (1819−1900) has helped develop the technique of thousands of pianists through his patterned exercises in “The Virtuoso Pianist.” We hope you enjoy this tribute for a New Year’s frolic on the keys.

Download the sheet music and try it!

Interesting that word, “technique.” Technique defined as “of or pertaining to art and skill.” And technique as “to bring forth.” What technique might we use to bring forth the good in the coming year? Perhaps the technique it takes to improve on our instrument, the technique of communicating well to our students and others, the technique to bring forth kindness, and the technique to …

Happy New Year to all!
Nancy and Randall Faber