Welcome Spring and New Updates in the Teacher Atlas

Whether you’re teaching in-person, remotely, or a bit of both, we are committed to making the Teacher Atlas an optimal tool for Piano Adventures users. Today we are pleased to share these important updates, including the new Disney KIT, annotation tools, and Teacher Groups.

Disney KIT

KIT” refers to Keyboard Interactive Teaching. This KIT is a teacher’s digital resource for teaching the PreTime Disney Book–group or private–for piano lessons online or in-person.

The KIT is composed of sharable slides for each song in the PreTime Disney book. The slides offer engaging instruction in note-reading, pattern recognition, symbols, melody, harmony, and scales and arpeggios to prepare the student for successful practice. Use the slides for in-person or online teaching, classroom instruction, summer camps, after school programs, and more.


This long-awaited feature allows users to make annotations on pages directly within the Teacher Atlas. Look for the “Annotate” button in the lower corners of any open book. When you click the button, a toolbar appears at the top of your screen with options to add free-form drawings, arrows, shapes, or text to the page. The new toolbar on the bottom left allows you to choose colors, opacity, line style, and thickness depending on the tool you are currently using. You can save the annotations in your browser by clicking the check mark at the top right, and they will be there the next time you open annotations on that page.

Teacher Groups

Users can now sign up for a group plan, with the capacity to serve a group of up to 10 teachers. Perfect for music schools and lesson programs, a Teacher Group has a single owner who sets up the account, chooses the group name, and provides payment information.

When the signup process is complete, the administrator has access to a dashboard where they can invite group members via email, or with a special signup link. The group owner can also allow other group members to manage the group invitations and member list. Group members can be added and removed at any time. Teacher Groups automatically renew monthly or annually.

For groups of 11 teachers or more, we offer custom plans to serve larger schools, institutions, and local associations. Contact us for more information.